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Download IPAs and APKs


Security is a key aspect of our app design and we do not cache or store any issue data on the device. Credentials can be stored on the device itself but are encrypted and stored in the keychain for iOS. They are encrypted on Android devices with the AES-256 algorithm. We highly recommend that you use TLS/SSL to connect to your Jira system. This ensures that data in motion is encrypted. Mobility for Jira - Team is Mobile Device Management (MDM) ready and is able to use MobileIron’s VPN tunneling functionality or Apple’s Per App VPN API as leveraged by AirWatch. Push Notifications are sent via Apple’s APN/Google’s GCM infrastructure and are not stored on MobilityStream’s server.

IPA and APK Wrapping

If you need an IPA/APK to wrap it for use with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, you can download the most current version from here. This can also be used for distribution on your internal corporate app store. For iOS you will need to resign the IPA with your Enterprise certificate.

Unsigned Package (Intune, AirWatch, etc)MobileIron
iOSmobility-for-jira-team-7.3.ipaUse App Store version (SDK included)
Androidmobility-for-jira-team-4.7.3.apkmobility-for-jira-team-4.7.3-mi.apk (wrapped)

Please contact us for access: 

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