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iOS app Configuration

Mobility for JIRA - Team can be pre-configured during app resigning.

The configuration object should be inserted into root of the Info.plist for key "CONFIGURATION" as Dictionary before app re-signing.

Info.plist contains an object with key "CONFIGURATION_EXAMPLE" that follows proper format. 

Configuration object should follow the following format:

  • ADD_ACCOUNT (Bool): YES, if app allows user to add new accounts. NO, otherwise. Optional. Default value: YES.
  • REMEMBER_CREDENTIALS (Bool): YES, if app should remember user's credentials by default. NO, otherwise. Optional. Default value: NO.
  • ACCOUNTS (Array): array of account configuration objects. Element type: Dictionary.

Account configuration object should follow the following format:

  • UID (String): Unique identifier of the account. If two accounts have same identifier, one of them will be ignored. Required.
  • URL (String): Base URL of JIRA instance. Required.
  • AUTH_TYPE (String): credentials, if only login using username and password is allowed. web, if only login using web is allowed. any, if both methods are allowed. Optional. Default value: any.
  • REMEMBER_CREDENTIALS (Bool): YES, if app should remember user's credentials for the account by default. NO, otherwise. Optional. Default value: value specified for the same key in configuration object.
  • CAN_DELETE (Bool): YES, if a user can delete the account. NO, otherwise. Default value: NO.

Example of configuration:

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