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Activity Stream Shortcut

You can select a combination of issues, projects, issue & activity types to be included in your stream (all optional)

  1. Tap on + icon on top right of home screen

  2. Select the Activity Stream shortcut type

  3. Specify any items you would like to include in your Activity Stream

    1. Issues - pick one or many issues

    2. Projects - pick one or many projects

    3. Users - pick one or many users

    4. Activity - pick one or many Jira events

      1. Attachment added

      2. Comment added

      3. Issue closed

      4. Issue created

      5. Issue edited

      6. Issue opened

      7. Issue progress started

      8. Issued progress stopped

      9. Issue reopened

      10. Issue resolved

      11. Issue transitioned

    5. Issue Type - pick one or many Issue Types

  4. Tap on the Add button on the top right of the screen

  5. The Activity Stream Shortcut will be added to the Home screen

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