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Using 2FA Authentication

Mobility for Jira now supports the popular 2FA add-on for Jira and other multi-factor authentication systems. This even works when the REST directory is not excluded from multi-factor authentication.

Here is a brief guide on how to authenticate via the mobile app.

  1. Login to your Jira account via the web browser. If you are doing this for the first time, you will be prompted to connect your Jira account to an authenticator (e.g., Google Authenticator). Follow the 2FA instructions.

  2. In the Mobility for Jira app, create a new account by pressing Add Account. If you already have an existing account for your Jira Server, remove it by left swiping. Enter your URL and then press the Login with 🌐 button.

  3. The Jira Login screen will appear. Select the Mobile View option and enter your credentials and press Login.

  4. The 2FA prompt screen will appear, switch to your authenticator and copy/memorize the PIN

  5. Enter the authenticator PIN in the Mobility app 2FA prompt screen and press Login.

  6. You should be logged into Jira

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