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Open Issue Links with the Mobility for Jira App

For iOS, there are three methods to make a Jira issue link to open up directly in the Mobility for Jira app:

Share Extension (Jira Cloud and Server)

Mobility for Jira 5.1 and above comes with a share extension. If you wish to open a Jira link from another app (for example, mail app, Slack, etc), you can simply long press the issue link, then select share from the menu and tap the Mobility for Jira icon. The issue will be opened in the Mobility for Jira app.

Shortcuts App (Jira Cloud and Server)

Jira issue links in any iOS application such as email, Slack, etc. can be opened directly in Mobility for Jira. You will need to install the Apple Shortcuts app (already installed starting with iOS 13) and download our Mobility for Jira Shortcut for your edition (Editions: Team, Pro, iPad, Basic). Once it is installed you can open any issue link in the following way:

  1. Long-press on the Jira issue link
  2. Select Share (not needed if recently used, go directly to step 3)
  3. Select Shortcuts
  4. Tap on Open in Jira

We will make the shortcut download link available within the app directly in our next release.

Open App Directly (Jira Server)

If you use Mobility for Jira - Team and our Mobility for Jira add-on on Server or Datacenter and would like your users to open up issues directly via a link (for example, mail app, Slack, etc), please contact us. We can enable this functionality for you and your users. We currently offer this for systems with a minimum of 250 users.

Server-side URL Change (Jira Server)

Alternatively, for Jira Server you can add a URL in the notification email that will automatically open the issue in the app without having to long press and selecting the share extension. This applies only to Jira Server. You can change the email template to make sure when an issue notification is received by email a user can open it up directly in Mobility for Jira instead of mobile Safari.

Edit the following file on your Jira Server: 

1.Edit WEB-INF/classes/templates/email/html/includes/patterns/issue-title.vm

Replace the following line:

#set ($issueSummary = "<a href='${baseurl}/browse/${issue.getKey()}'>$textutils.htmlEncode($issue.getSummary())</a>")

with this code:

#set ($baseurlNoProtocol = $baseurl.replaceAll("^https?://""")
#set ($issueSummary = "<a href='jira://${baseurlNoProtocol}/${issue.getKey()}'>Open with iOS Device</a>&nbsp;<a href='${baseurl}/browse/${issue.getKey()}'>$textutils.htmlEncode($issue.getSummary())</a>")

2. Edit WEB-INF/classes/templates/email/html/includes/patterns/comment-title.vm

Replace the following line:

#set ($pageTitle = "<a href='${baseurl}/browse/${issue.getKey()}'>${i18n.getText('')} $textutils.htmlEncode($issue.getSummary())</a>")

with this code:

#set ($baseurlNoProtocol = $baseurl.replaceAll("^https?://"""))
#set ($pageTitle = "<a href='jira://${baseurlNoProtocol}/${issue.getKey()}'>Open with iOS Device</a>/<a href='${baseurl}/browse/${issue.getKey()}'>${i18n.getText('')} $textutils.htmlEncode($issue.getSummary())</a>")

This will place a link "Open with iOS Device" in front of the issue title link. When this link is clicked on a iOS device with Mobility for Jira installed, the issue will open up directly in Mobility for Jira.

3. Restart Jira


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