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Extend add-on trial for Jira Cloud

If your Mobility Stream add-on trial expired and you need more time, you can extend your trial by doing the following:

  1. Go to

  2. How can we help you? > Product Trials - Start or extend your team’s product trials

  3. Choose a topic > Extend product trials

  4. Where is the product hosted? > Cloud

  5. Provide the related URL, SEN or EN of the product you wish to extend > Select the Mobility Stream product you wish to extend from the list

  6. Your Question > Please extend our trial for the Mobility Stream add-on above by 30 days.

  7. Click the Submit button

  8. You might be asked by Atlassian to add a screenshot of a Mobility Stream approval email. You can email us ( and we will send you back the approval.

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