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Does the Portal app support Refined?

The Portal app supports the majority of the functionality offered by Refined for Jira Server and Datacenter, without requiring any additional configuration.

The following Refined features are currently supported:

  • Use of the Refined theme, including:

    • Header color, gradient, or image in the app bar

    • Body color, gradient, or image

    • Header/logo display at the top of the screen

    • Individual structure and child theme support

  • Sites menu to allow users to navigate between Refined sites

  • Navigation using the Refined structures and their children, including links

  • Refined search

  • User/group permissions for sites and structures

  • Customized layout in Issue Detail view, including comment location and assignee display

The following Refined features are not currently supported:

  • Display of Jira Projects

  • Custom HTML and CSS

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