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Google Sheets Synchronization - Supported Field Types

The Jira Integration Google Sheets add-on currently supports the following Jira field types for synchronization from Google Sheets back to Jira:

  1. String: Fields such as Description, Summary, Environment, and text entry custom fields
  2. User: Fields such as Reporter, Assignee, and any single user picker custom fields
  3. Version: Fields such as Affects Version/s and Fix Version/s
  4. Labels: Issue labels
  5. Priority: Issue priority
  6. Status: Issue status
  7. Estimate: Fields such as Original Estimate and Remaining Estimate
  8. Date/Datetime: Fields such as Due Date, Resolution Date, and date/date time picker custom fields
  9. Option: Custom fields that use single-select drop down fields
  10. Number: Custom fields that require numbers as input

Note that your Jira instance may prevent the add-on from changing certain fields, such as Resolution Date, based on workflow or transition configuration. Changes may also be prevented if a field is not present in Jira's screen for the issue. In any of these cases the add-on will display a message to the user.

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