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Update Schedules

Excel Online Integration allows a user to specify the frequency at which their sheets are updated with changes from Jira issue data. By default this data is not synchronized, and the sheets must be manually updated from My Published Excel Sheets. Users have a second option, realtime, which will update their sheet’s data shortly after Jira issue data changes. A third option, custom, allows users to specify up to 3 schedules for each of their sheets, updating issue data in their sheets on recurring schedules. Sheets using custom update schedules will have a full refresh of their data performed as scheduled. For more information on custom update schedules, continue reading.

Custom Update Schedules

To specify custom update schedules for a sheet, select the Custom option from the Update Schedule drop down on either the Export or My Published Excel Sheets:

After selecting this option, the custom schedule dialog is displayed:

The default update schedule will update the export once every 15 minutes. To use this schedule, click the Save button. This sheet will now automatically be refreshed once every 15 minutes.

Each sheet can have up to 3 custom schedules defined, and scheduling is highly customizable. Two basic types of schedules are supported: Schedules that update the sheets on an interval, and schedules that update sheets at specific times.

For interval updates, choose Repeat Every from the first drop down. This allows you to specify a schedule where the sheet will be updated once every 1-59 minutes or 1-12 hours.

For updates at specific times, choose Run Every from the first drop down. This allows you to specify a schedule where the sheet will be updated at specific times during an hour, day, week, or month.

For example, to ensure that a particular sheet is updated at the end of each work week and at the beginning of each month, you would define 2 schedules:

Schedules can be removed by clicking on the trash icon on the right end of the row, and schedules can be added by clicking the add icon. Each sheet is limited to 3 schedules.

After saving custom schedules, the schedules can be viewed and manipulated again by clicking in the blue area of the schedule drop down:

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